Saturday, June 1, 2013

Code's on Github and I'm Thinking About Putting in More Work

Its come to my attention that whoever I had hosting my code has stopped so I uploaded it to github. Here's a link: Link

I'm out of school for summer and would love to expand my project but my budget is tight. If there's anyone out there that would like to see this project grow you can donate to my bitcoin address and expect to see new features. If you would like a particular feature leave the address you used to send  your bitcoins and what you would like to see and i'll work on it.

Also thank you guys for all the complementary comments! I'm glad you guys enjoy my work.

Bitcoin Address: 13gvGMboRyzx4AhYGvCXQQfH7a1QVtoJNN


  1. Hey, as I was planning my own grow box, I came across your blog. My goal is to control an arduino with the RPi, but have a backup system running on the arduino, as well as email alerts if anything stops working. If you're at all interested in collaborating -

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  3. Actually, I put together the specs in an organized fashion to be a project for high school STEM education students. It never got off the ground but I was asked to put it together for a microclimate grow room using my professional experience in the field. If you would like the project specs, let me know!

  4. Wow man! Nice project! Keep the faith. Love all these features!

  5. Excellent project! TY!