Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm back

Sorry everyone for the my long absence, after a bit of posting in October and little to no response from the online community I started to think that there wasn't a big enough audience to keep this blog alive, but after checking back I realized that all the blog needed was a little time to get noticed.

I'll be continuing my project but i will do so a little bit differently than i had planned. From this point on the Arduino will be the middle man for the project and the software to control it will run on a PC.

So far I have temperature and humidity control ported and once I get the lighting control implemented I'll make a release. I'll be keeping everyone posted.

If you have and software development experience and are willing to help let me know.


  1. please keep it up. I've bookmarked it and If you keep the content coming you will get more views guarunteed.

  2. I have a questin, why port it to PC ? doesnt arduino board alone get the job done corectly ?

  3. Hey Nik, keep the good work. You must understand that many of us that read your blog will not become followers simply because we choose to remain unknown. Like myself. I ordered my Arduino and I hope you have some additional posts on your blog by the time it gets here.

  4. It's now February dude, is this blog not active anymore?

  5. Hey man,

    I think what you're doing is great. I used this information for legitimate purposes for aquaponics. I really appreciate your time and effort. Will be back soon.